Elsie 2


I took a walk tonight

with my sweet shadow, Elsie.

The birds were making a racket,

as we say here.

Perhaps they knew a forced subdual

would come via rain tomorrow.

Now, I’m prone to making up endearing

nicknames for my pets.

Elsie is a female. 

First she was Girl,

then she was Guhl.

After that she was Gwael,

and frequently she is Gwaela.

The etymology of these nicknames

is western European.

I’ve studied my ancestry,

and while many years here,

my ancestors come from western Europe.

A cabbie in San Francisco,

either psychic or ethnically gifted,

believed me of Welsh stock,

which doesn’t surprise me,

given the spelling of my pet’s nicknames.

On our walk tonight, I saw a bunny run off,

perhaps rattled by the birds

or us.

Elsie didn’t see the rabbit.

I told her,

“There goes Peter Cotton Tail

hopping down the bunny trail.

You didn’t see it, Gwael.”

Elsie, in one of her favorite waking spots.


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