I Miss Big Hugh


Husky, handsome man.

My dear friend’s father,

and my boss for a time.

He had an unboundless zest for life.

Even after he was given only 6 months,

he lived 5 years with cancer.

He was self made,

and loved a good time.

He was a Taurus,

true salt of the earth.

He loved the outside.

He was a giving man,

and believed in an American dream

that sometimes disappointed him.

He comes to me in dreams sometimes,

once wearing his weekend farmer’s overalls.

Those memorable overalls adorn my

friend’s scarecrow now.

They live!


3 Responses to “I Miss Big Hugh”

  1. This is so sad and so not. Your flow pulls out a simple place and a place of loss , yet not.
    “Husky, handsome man.

    My dear friend’s father,”
    Those two lines say it all. Beautiful!

  2. Julie Says:

    Thank you, Gerardine. Today, 30 April, is Big Hugh’s birthday. I’ve been thinking of him all week.

  3. stephanie joyce Says:

    I miss Big Hugh too! You have really captured him here…he was truly special..thanks for remembering him on his birthday. Love you bunches!!!

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