Andy’s college choir is different


from his high school choir.  His high school choir had some solos, but they weren’t the “lead” of the show.  They were formal, and it was such a pleasure going to the concerts.  Well, last fall he went to college, and he is in the choir.  We went to Norfolk, which is two hours from our house, to hear the Christmas concert.  We didn’t realize there would be faculty singing and a large, non-student bell choir there.   I had an internal rant, which I was writing down during the concert.  I wasn’t really angry, just irritated and, of course, wanted my son’s choir to be the star of the show.  I’m sharing the rants here, because I found them today and thought they were funny.  The daughter I refer to is Andy’s girlfriend.  Warning:  There is cursing here.  It really was in fun, and I was expressing sort of a mock outrage.  Also, I journal in a fairly stream of consciousness manner.  Hope it isn’t difficult to keep up.  Also, the entry started out with thoughts about the day and Andy while we were waiting for the concert to start, so I’m including that, as it segues directly into the rant.  Sometimes I pray in my journal, too.

My Child

Growing, growing


So mature, wise-

a comfort.


my heart

Heart full of love

Teeming green, flowing

overflowing with joy.

With gratiutude

Love so full

so complete.

Spirit, protect Andy.  Help him to feel relaxed, not like he has to take care of everything.   Bless him, keep him safe and secure.  Let him feel our love and support.  Please let his life be long and full of good living and love.

Came to (his college) today, didn’t feel like traveling, but the drive was fine.  Felt nervous, don’t know why.  Energy level has been awful.  B (other son) and I have been at odds.  Feel like I talked too much at lunch.  I hope I didn’t monopolize convo.  Wonder what weather will be like this evening.  Wonder if Andy wants a camera for Christmas.

I find this soprano annoying.  Who is she?  Why can’t the kids be singing this?  WTF?

She should be singing on the Lawrence Welk show or something.  Tim says she sounds like someone when they sing “Santa Baby”.  Who the hell is this?

WTF?  Why is my child not singing Jingle Bells?  WTF?  I didn’t come to see of bunch of middle aged wanna bees.

I came to see my son & daughter NOT a bunch of old bats stealing the show.


If this ends without my child singing again I’m having a shit fit.

Since he’s more sociable now, may want pics…


I’m their age and I think it’s the corniest, most annoying thing I’ve seen today.  Besides — the soprano!  Blank (her 1st & last name) Show?



I want to hear my son sing, damn it!  This is a ridiculous waste of my and his time.


So that’s it.  The thoughts, ponderings, mock anger (was really fun writing it down at the time) of moi. 

Actually a little too revealing….  maybe I shouldn’t publish this…. but it was funny… What. Ever.


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