Letter to Miss Virginia


I’m grieving you today, a lot.  I woke up grieving you.  I ordered flowers from Donna’s, although someone else owns it now.  But Miss Ann & Mrs. Barrett still work there.  I had to order silk flowers, because I’m not there to take care of a dish garden.  You have a birthday coming up.  5/8/21-8/14/09.  Did you pass the 14th, or was your funeral the 14th?  I don’t remember right now.  I have it written down.

I know you’re in a happy place.  Sometimes I miss you so badly, my heart just aches.  But I’m happy you are where you are.  You had a long life.  You suffered a lot, but you had a lot of joy, too.  You were loved by so many people, and you still are.  I’m sure the folks at your church and bible study miss you a lot.  I miss the view from your place at Wynneview.  Remember watching the fireworks there on your balcony?

Love to you, always!

Your sassy cousin


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