My muse


has been quite elusive.  I’ve been rather preoccupied with my job hunt, though.  I did finally start something else.  It’s called Bringing Down the House.  It reads quickly, and is very interesting.  I’ve wanted to read it for years.  It will be a quick read, then I can go back to the other book.  Perhaps.  I might move on to something new.

I think I’m needing some literary sustenance, poetry.  I’m liking Mary Oliver.  And I like Billy Collins and I love Theodore Roethke, even if he was a maybe pedophile.  I don’t think he was physically.  But he did love–who was it-Sarah?  He wrote of her.

Well, I’m getting to bed.  Will be spending Mother’s Day with my Mum.  Going to church w/ her in am.  Tim & Barrett are going to Tim’s parents’ in Williamsburg.  Makes me a little sad not to be w/ my boys this day, but it’s okay.  I need to be w/ Mama.


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  1. […] did I read last weekend?  Oh, yes, mentioned it here.  It was everything I expected, a nice quick read.  I’ve been reading from my poetry book A […]

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