What I’ve been reading, etc.


I read Family of Spies, Inside the John Walker Spy Ring by Pete Earley, a reporter for the WaPo.  Written in the 80’s, when the story broke.  It’s amazing.  John Walker, I believe, is a total narcissist & sociopath.  Has no regard for anyone but himself.  Fortunately, he’s still in jail.  His poor brother, who hardly did anything wrong, and then only out of fear of his brother, is in prison for the rest of his life.  John Walker could be paroled, and his son, Michael Walker, received parole in about 2000, at the age of 37.  I did a little research, of course, on-line.  The book dragged, and took me over a week to read.  Of course, it was a very busy week.

I’m reading the most interesting historical book, Unwise Passions, by Alan Pell Crawford, who actually lives here in Richmond.  It’s about the scandal of Ann Cary (Nancy) Randolph, and her brother-in-law, Richard Randolph.  It also presents the demographics and sociology of the time after the Revolutionary war.  I didn’t realize the division that resulted in the US Civil War started so early.  It’s quite fascinating.

I started a new job, which requires a solid 1 hour commute, so I’m listening to books on tape.  The first one is Andrew Young’s The Politician.  I am finding it very enjoyable, although the reader’s voice and inflections are overly dramatic.  I’d rather be reading it, but, alas, I need something to entertain me during my commute, and this is doing the job.  Andrew Young was John Edwards’s right hand man because he thought he would be president, and good for his career, and believed in the ideals Edwards presented.  He allowed himself to become the family’s lackey, and the results were practically catastrophic.   It’s juicy, and you know I like a juicy tome!

I started a new job this week, and it was exhausting, but great.  I love the job, the people, and where I’m working.  It’s on an old farm, on the James River, in Charles City County.  It’s beautiful.  Oh, I’ll give it a plug-it’s an on-line greenhouse, and we are taking orders shipping in the fall!  www.thegrowers-exchange.com .  We have just about every type of herb you can imagine, and beautiful flowers, not exactly what you will find at Lowe’s.  The prices are good, and we also have lots of beautiful planters, garden accessories and hand tools.  I really like my job.  And I’m still working at my old company part-time.

So, that’s it.  My muse, offended by my lack of attention, has vanished, and I’m kindly asking for her return.  I need to write poetry.  I’ve written in my journal, but it isn’t the same.


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