He was a nice young man,

this high school friend.

Admired by many,

for his sweetness

and good looks.

Our 10th reunion

he’d lost his hair,

but his smile was still sweet,

very present.

Later, his wife heavy with their second child,

he was in the wrong place.

At the wrong time.

A disgruntled client of the attorney

he was visiting

came in, shot and killed them both.

This random shooting

deprived a wife of her husband,

and 2 children of their father,

and left many old acquaintances

sad and empty.

Today I heard a song

that always reminds me of him.

For the first time,

the memory was joyful

untainted by the loss of him.


5 Responses to “Trey”

  1. “Today I heard a song”
    Just with those few words I felt intense sadness. Beautiful! I love how your poems flow with emotion. I feel like I know this man. Sad..
    Wonderful poem!!

    • Julie Says:

      Thanks. I love poetry so much, it amazes me. It’s the most healing thing I’ve ever done. I feel very blessed.

  2. Jingle Says:

    he is alive in your words..
    cute poem!

  3. nakedpastor Says:

    wow. beautiful.

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