John Legend


I’ve had a little crush on John Legend for a couple of years.    He’s so cute and his voice is beautiful!  I had downloaded an album of his but hadn’t listened to it much.  Then, I was listening to a mix-tape I made (cd w/ a variety of music from my itunes library), and on it was this, well, anthem by John Legend called “If You’re Out There”. 

It’s the most inspiring song.  I was thinking what a great campaign song it would be (I know, shallow) and probably someone already had it as a campaign song.  I’ve listened to it over and over and it never fails to make me sing loudly with a full heart.

Sometimes I can’t believe the wisdom of some people who are probably young enough to be my kid.


2 Responses to “John Legend”

  1. mikaprodigy Says:

    Yeah, here the Roots and his new album with John Legend!

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