Happy Birthday, John Lennon.


I’m thinking a lot about him today, on what would be his 70th birthday.  Scott Simon interviewed David Sheff this am, and I was privy to some tapes of Lennon speaking–so startling and beautiful after all these years, to hear his voice.  I’m sure I’ve heard it since he died, but it was just very soothing and nice to hear it today.  I remember when he was assassinated, for some reason I didn’t feel touched by it, which is so strange, because I loved the Beatles from the time I was about 13-14.  During that period I was pretty depressed, so perhaps that is why I didn’t have strong feelngs about it.

Now I’m so sad, because he had so much more to bring us.  On the other hand, he brought exactly as much as we needed this lifetime, or he’d still be here.  That’s my belief, anyhow.  I can’t believe, really, how much beauty and art he brought in the short time he was here.  And his work for peace transcends lifetimes.


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