Reading, read


Nightstalker, by Philip Carlo .  I think Carlo writes a lot of books about really evil, evil people.  Or people who have done evil, evil things.  I watched this HBO documentary called Ice Man a few years ago, and it scared me so badly I didn’t want to read the book.  Carlo wrote that book.  Nightstalker was better than I expected, and he had added a chapter about the women who love Ramirez (the serial killer) and that was kind of interesting.

I then started a book called Tailspin by Bernard Conners.   It’s about an air force Major named Jim Call, who the author believes murdered Marilyn Sheppard, in addition to the confirmed murder of a police officer in Lake Placid, NY.  It appears after the tragic, premature but natural death of his wife, Call went into a, well, tailspin!  He went on to a life of drinking & burglary (I believe he already had a gambling problem & issues w/ authority) and Conners ties him into the death of Mrs. Sheppard, a murder I’ve never studied. 

Got through about 1/2 of Tailspin, but it didn’t hold my interest well so I started (and am finishing up) Winter of Frozen Dreams by Karl Harter, about the cyanide murders of 2 poor, naive fellows in Madison, WI.  Oh, and I read a book about a woman in NC who killed all her husbands with arsenic.  A nasty death!!  Called, Preacher’s Girlit was about a woman named Blanche Taylor Moore who is on death row in NC for aforementioned murders.

I don’t want to read about murder, per se, just about deviant behavior & how the principles become involved in situations detrimental to themselves and others.  I like memoirs a lot.  I really want something good to read, and the other 2 books I recently ordered aren’t looking like they are going to do it for me.  One is about the lab/company that has/had the remains of baseball great Ted Williams.  It appears quite disgusting, and another book about a service man from the 40’s or 50’s who was a spy or something.  I don’t know what I’m in the mood for, but it isn’t either of those.

I really would like a memoir, or an excellent novel.  I’m open to a novel that makes me think and/or, better yet, makes me laugh and/or cry!  In the meantime, I’ll troll for more interesting poetry by some of me faves.  I’ve been reading Mary Oliver book of poetry that I like but you know who I just love?  Billy Collins.  Reading his work made me realize I could write poetry, too.  Love his work!

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