I’m back!


Despite being incredibly sore from a new core workout regimen Sat., I’m feeling absolutely gleeful about the time I have to read my blog friends’ blogs, give my other job the time it needs at the moment, and to play with paper!  I have made some lovely cards, wrote 5 notes last night, and helped some scrapbook customers/friends with their Christmas cards.  That was fun.  I also spent 5 hours organizing my scrap area, so all items are together, and I know what I have.

I need to do a little interval training and get my blood flowing to help eliminate this soreness.  I took some advil and I’ve been drinking lots of water today.  Back on the wagon w/ my personal health.  I felt like crap this am!  Also used my inhaler-had bronchitis a few weeks ago, and I think allergies are affecting my breathing.  I also plan to meditate later.

Today is the 12th anniversary of my marriage to my precious hubby, Tim. I linked to his blog.  My parents married 52 years ago today, at the Christian (Disciples of Christ) church in Belhaven.  I’d like to know how Dad’s family became Baptist, when his Dad’s side were such ardent Methodists.  His g-grandfather was named Francis Asbury White.  The only way he could have been more  Methodist is if his name had been John Wesley White!

I’m reading Annie Lamott’s Bird by Bird and Dostoevsky’s The Brothers KaramazovI’m finding both interesting, but I’m more interested at the moment in creating, so I hope my poetry muse will return.  I wrote a poem last week, right after I lost my job, about living in a state of contentment, even when unpleasantness prevails.  Is Dostoyevsky an Americanization of Dostoevsky, beause we can’t say oy unless we see oy?  I noticed the book jacket on my library copy doesn’t have the extra Y.

The blog posts I read were stunning in their passion and vision.  I then read some of my old posts from a year ago and couldn’t believe how much less engaged I am now to the creativity in my own town.  I have a lot I want to do and see!  One of my first priorities will be to see the new VMFA!  Just went to their site and they have a tour today, but I will go on my own later, so I can linger in the Modern & Contemporary are section.

Geez, hope I don’t sound as blah as I feel like I sound.  What-ever!


4 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. Jingle Says:


  2. Jingle Says:


    two awards for you,
    invite you to join us at jingle poetry….

  3. stephanie joyce Says:

    enjoyed reading your blog today…didn’t know your parents were married in a disciples of christ church. Was thinking you and Tim may want to check out 7th Street christian on Grove and Malvern.

    You HAVE to see VMFA soon….absolutely fantastic museum!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xox s

  4. Julie Says:

    Thanks, Stephanie. My Mom grew up in that church. I was thinking about trying 7th St. Good talking to you today. Had a great lunch with my friend, Donna. xoxo

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