In this post I talked about 4 books I’d read, and 1 I was in the process of reading.  I did read Frank Conroy’s ‘Stop Time’, and it was excellent.  To me, it was like Holden Caulfield meets Tom Sawyer.  I also finished ‘Mentor’.  ‘Mentor’ blew me away, and I recommend it above all the ones I spoke of in that post.

3 of the 1st 4 books and ‘Mentor’ were lent to me by a woman at work.  She was a resident.  Sadly, she passed on soon after I wrote the post.  The sad thing about her passing was she didn’t die of natural causes.  She was a vibrant, kind, humble person.  She was very able, didn’t have organic brain disease, and I think she was in her late 80’s.

She had a car accident.  From what I’ve been told, her chest was crushed and she, like many elderly people, couldn’t tolerate anesthesia.  If she could, surgery would have given her a good chance at life.  Instead she died, slowly.  I felt terrible for her and her family.

I’ve worked at this assisted living facility now for 9 months.  I love my job.  However, I haven’t quite mastered how to deal with the constant grief.  On average we probably lose 1 person per month.  It could be more, I’m not sure.  The longer I’ve worked there, the more I knew these people who passed.  I try to have good boundaries.  I don’t become excessively emotionally involved with residents, although I’ve become very fond of many of them.  I need to learn more about self-care in this field.  I’m not bad at self-care, but I’ve noticed some depression creeping up, despite being medicated!

I’m going to leave you with a picture of my family ca. 1971.  We had gotten our first 2nd car, a VW beetle.  In this picture are my oldest sister, Lynn, older sister, Betsy, my brother, David, me, and my Dad.  An introvert, I know my Dad must have felt “crowded” at times.  This image certainly is a perfect example!


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