Not Barbie


My friend, Susan, and I went to this show, Not Barbie:  A Celebration of Real Women, at Crossroads Art Center last night.  The artist is Susan Singer.  First, let me say I love Crossroads Art Center.  It’s not too far away, and there is a variety of quality paintings, pottery, sculpture and more.  Last night they had some local food trucks and eateries there, two beautiful hoop dancers, one of whom may or may not be Stacey FireFly.  I’d never seen them before, but it was delightful-fresh, graceful and exciting.

We browsed the galleries, listened to soothing 70’s music, and had some wine.  I ran into my old friend, Sandra Francisco, who I’ve known 38 years.  She has assisted me in buying and selling several houses!  She introduced me to Lisette, the subject of one of the paintings in the Not Barbie exhibit.

The exhibit was phenomenal.  Each painting had a written word from the subject about being painted, and how it affected her body image.  One day when I’m more open I’ll talk about my view of my body.  It isn’t exactly self-loving.  Anyhow, this body of work (no pun intended, but immediately noted) really spoke to me.  I think I’ve kind of withheld the feelings it evoked for me from myself.  Lisette’s portrait was the most striking because it showed some of the physical scars she has from being shot by her husband, who then killed himself.

Domestic abuse is near to my heart.  I used to volunteer at a shelter, and, like animal rescuers who always come upon strays, I’ve had abused women seek me out.  It’s an energy thing where what we need shows up for us.  It’s difficult for many people to understand why women stay in these types of relationships.  The reason is fear, fear, fear.  Deep down, their most intuitive, intelligent selves know, perhaps subconsciously, that leaving puts them in very real danger.  Statistics show this to be true.  Most women who are killed in abusive relationships are killed whilst trying to leave the relationship.

Susan Singer has a series of lectures planned for this fall at Crossroads.  It’s called Beyond Barbie: Piecing Together Today’s Woman.  I definitely plan to attend.  I love when the creative and emotional are in sync, and this appears to be a wonderful example.

One of my favorites was this portrait, Joyful, joyful! of a beautiful, elderly woman.


5 Responses to “Not Barbie”

  1. Julie Says:

    It was a really powerful exhibit, especially the night before I took a big step in my breast reconstruction process. Looking in the mirror now brings up some of the images of these incredible women.

  2. Susan Says:

    oops, that was my comment….Susan

    • Julie Says:

      I wonder how that happened. Very strange. I’m so happy your procedure went well. I want to go to the Beyond Barbie lectures. Any interest?

  3. Susan Says:

    Yes, I would like to go to some as well.

  4. Charlotte Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post & for sharing the links!

    Charlotte aka Zouxzoux (now blogging at my new (to you) old (to me) blog) 🙂

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