Death Happens


A young man, 2 weeks short of his 29th birthday, died this week.  I found out about it a few hours ago & visited his family at the funeral home.  I can’t believe how much it hurts.  I didn’t even really know him.  He was the beloved baby born into this wonderful family a few years after I stopped babysitting them.  There were 3 kids when I babysat them.  It hurts because I love his parents, brothers and sister, and I know they are in so much pain.  I suppose they are a little numb from the shock right now.  More anguish will come after all the fanfare is over.   I can’t imagine it.

He lived life very fully, as all of those kids do.  They have such great parents.  Jesus, I feel bad for them.  They are in hell, and it will never leave them.  It will become less constant, but their loss is permanent.  Sandy lost her mother less than a year ago.  She lost her own baby brother 10 or 12 years ago.  He was murdered.  God bless her and her family, keep them, comfort them.  Amen.


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