Have been busy…. and racism and respect


with work, trying to get more organized, and reading.  Had some minor surgery yesterday, and spent the week at both works trying to prepare for a few days incapacitation.  It is kind of like the week before vacay.

Here is what I had to write about:  Michelle Obama’s trip to Target this week.  I saw it mentioned a few times on line and television.  last night I read an article about it on either CNN, MSNBC or ABC News.  In the article I read she was at one point referred to as ‘Obama’.  I thought of First ladies Bush, Clinton, and Kennedy.  They were Mrs. Bush, The First Lady, Hilary or Jackie.

While accustomed to the lack of respect shown President Obama when reading about him, or watching debates, newspeople and pundits, I hadn”t seen this particular subtle and racist, YES, RACIST, snippet of disrespect toward Mrs. Obama.  It is what I have called for years institutional racism.  Unnoticed by most whites, I imagine it is noticed by blacks, and it is ingrained in whites to accept it.

Think about how the Dixie Chicks were vilifed and hated when they mildly criticized President Bush.  Yes, some of us were horrified by the thought of invading Iraq, and George Bush’s eagerness to do so.

One of my hopes for President Obama’s legacy is a greater understanding of and self awareness about racism in this country.  I have so much more to say about this, but poking along with my good hand is tiring me out.  All for now.




3 Responses to “Have been busy…. and racism and respect”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    The lack of respect for President Obama continues to appall me – I’ll never reconcile how shouting “you lie” to a president addressing congress is in any way acceptable. The First Lady continues to impress me with her down-to-earth style and her choices of causes to champion. It’s so refreshing to have intelligent, thoughtful people in the White House. Alas, I think that could be their downfall.

  2. Mighty Casey Says:

    First, I always knew that Michelle Obama was another Target grrl – she totally rocks.

    Second, I am in COMPLETE agreement with you: I covered every administration from Ford to Bush II, and no one – I repeat, NO ONE – has had to deal with the level of disrespect that President Obama has had thrown at him.

    I voted for him, and am disappointed in some parts of his performance, but I respect him deeply as a person, and as the President. Even those who oppose him owe him respect for the office he holds.

  3. Julie Says:

    Charlotte, integrity, honesty, intelligence (having!!) seem to affect one’s White House legacy. (think: Jimmy Carter) It’s a shame.

    Casey, thank you for stopping by! I’m glad others notice how poorly respected they are also.

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