RIP Trayvon Martin


I am very saddened by the murder of Trayvon Martin.  We know the shooter called 911 to report a “suspicious person”.  He was in his car, and decided to follow Trayvon.  He was in no danger, and Trayvon hadn’t done anything except walk toward his Dad’s fiance’s house, a home he had visited before.

This child was 17, had just gone to 7-11 to buy a pack of Skittles.  My 17 year old son would do that.  Like Trayvon, he wouldn’t have a weapon on him.  Unlike Trayvon, he isn’t black, so I have to wonder if he would have looked suspicious to someone like the shooter, Zimmerman.    I can’t possibly know, but based on historical fact, young black men are viewed suspiciously and stopped by police over and over and over.  I have 2 sons with a combined 5 years of driving and neither of them has ever been stopped.  If so, I’ve never been told, but I doubt it.

I understand the police don’t feel they have enough evidence to convict Zimmerman yet.  I hope he is arrested and convicted for taking the life of an innocent little boy.  Even if they had an altercation, Zimmerman is the one who followed Trayvon.  Zimmerman is the one who shot Trayvon.  Even if Trayvon started the altercation (which would be difficult if Zimmerman had stayed in his car), it was because he felt threatened.  Wouldn’t you feel threatened if you were being followed in a car as you walked down your neighborhood street, at night, in the rain?

We don’t know what happened.  We have only Zimmerman’s word, and some witnesses who heard things.  Some who say they heard a child crying out and it stopped after the gunshot.  Those witnesses were the first on scene, because it happened in their backyard.  I hope they had crime scene experts go over it to see if they could figure out how this happened.

I hear they are going to release the 911 tapes.  I’m glad.  I have read Zimmerman used derogatory, racial terms to describe this “suspicious person”.  I hope he didn’t.  I hope that isn’t true.

I believe there are 2 issues here.  The first is race.  Young black men being viewed as a threat.  The 2nd is the loose cannon that is Zimmerman.  I read he called the police 46 times in 14-15 mos.  I read he has confronted “suspicious” people in the neighborhood in the past.  Why did he need a semi-automatic weapon?  He was a bomb waiting to blow.  However, if the police can’t make a case against him for killing an innocent boy, it is just another lynching, in a line of many.


2 Responses to “RIP Trayvon Martin”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    I hadn’t heard anything about this. I did do some googling, and have the outlines and location in my mind now.

    There’s a lot of anger in the world these days. This sounds, on the surface, like a strange sort of vigilante justice – or just a trigger happy Zimmerman whose paranoia finally overcame him.

    In any event, I’m glad the tapes are coming out. It’s just so, so sad.

  2. Julie Says:

    Thanks for reading. It is very sad.

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