GoneBoy: A Walkabout


by Gregor Gibson. I found the website for it here.    Let me start by saying I read in Salon ‘Our School Shooting’ by Sarah Tomlinson here.  It was an excellent article.  She linked to the Galen Gibson Fund’s website.  Galen Gibson was her schoolmate, who was killed in 1992.  Their schoolmate, Wayne Lo, took a cheap Chinese-made semi-automatic gun, injured several people, and killed 2.  It was the same old story of an alienated, mentally ill person whose sickness wasn’t obvious.

This led me to ‘Gone Boy’.  Written by his father, Gregor Gibson, it is the story of a young man who was a victim in this random spree shooting.  It is also the story of the elder Gibson’s journey of grief.  Gibson accounts, quite viscerally, his feelings and how they progressed throughout an understandably agonizing process.

One of the things that struck me about the book was how Gibson never loses his abundant humility.  He is soooo honest.  He is also a good writer.  I really recommend this book!!


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