I’m going to try to write every day, so…


I’m using a writing prompt today!  Because my life is dull at times.  I got the prompt over at this blog.

Today’s Writing Prompt: Repentance

Is there a wrong in your past you’d like to make right?

I used to feel no regrets about my past.  Perhaps I was in denial.  I have many regrets about my past now, and I can’t believe they just popped up!

I was just thinking of this regret today.

Once a new friend confided something to me & it made me angry she hadn’t told me initially.  She had moved here from another place fairly recently.  It was during a time of deep soul searching and change in my life.  Astrologically, it was during my Saturn Return, and this time usually involves spiritual awakening, life change, etc.  I was exploring lots of spiritual practices and healing practices.  I had met this woman at one of these events.

I became angry because she confided she had moved here with a woman, in a lesbian relationship.  I didn’t have anything against that, but I was angry she hadn’t told me initially.  I wish I had handled it better.  Perhaps it brought up confusion about my own sexual identity?  I wonder this because of how angry I was.  What it felt like at the time was secret keeping, with which I knew I was uncomfortable.

I ended up validating all she feared about telling me, and we didn’t see each other again.  And, strangely, I remember very little about her or the situation, like how we parted.  It’s like a whole piece is missing, forgotten.  I felt shame over not being understanding, but what’s weird is I didn’t make it right quickly.  That’s unusual for me.  At the time, I probably wasn’t self aware enough to realize my strong reaction had much more to do with me than her.

So, there it is.  And I shall leave you with a lovely picture from when I was in Denmark.


Aren’t these gals adorable?  Love their coats.  Saw them on the street and wanted to be just like them!  Ha!


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