Sanctuary, etc.


I have read only 2 books in full since I last posted.  The first was The Art of the Steal’ by Christopher Mason.

The other was ‘Sanctuary’ by William Faulkner.

Steal’ was about the price fixing scandal involving Christie’s & Sotheby’s.  I’m surprised I didn’t read more about it when it happened.  There are a plethora of books and longreads on it now.  It was interesting, satisfying.  I always like to read about what really happened.  It’s been a few months so of course I don’t remember the details.  Couldn’t tell you the name of 1 character.  But I know I enjoyed it.  I read it in a weekend.

‘Sanctuary’ was interesting.  It was easier to read than As I Lay Dying, but not as satisfying,  At one point I felt the prose was just too flowery and laughed out loud.  Seriously, our 8th grade English teachers would have fussed about some of those run-on sentences, too many adjectives.

One thing I did find quite interesting in the book is the realness of southern towns that were gritty, city-like back then.  Almost Dickensonian, not that I’ve ever read anything by Dickens, although I was the maternal Mrs. Bedwin in “Oliver” in high school!  I wish our public transportation was as good now.  I’d love to live in a place where I could hop on a train and get to another part of the state.

My cousin, Virginia, who passed several years ago, was coming of age during WWII.  I know this is after the period of this book, but she would talk about traveling from Sanford to Belhaven on the train as a girl.  I read a book that said the car companies bought out the railroad companies and pulled up all the tracks.  Now we have the interstate!

But I digress.  I know I must read more books.  I have been reading a lot of long-form magazine articles, which is a great way to absorb information and enjoy good writing at the same time.

Okay, will blog more often.  I will leave you with a pretty picture, because I like visuals.  Here is one of the countryside in western Hanover County, VA.

Riding by a field

Riding by a field of wheat


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