Tell Us About Grandpa


That is the writing prompt from Mama.

I had a Granddaddy–Granddaddy White.  I’ve written about him before.  I wonder if I have a picture of him on my computer.Yes, you can find it here.

He had an olive complexion, but his eyes were blue as the sky.  I was young when he died.  I remember him as a jolly fellow.   I vaguely remember him pretending to be Santa Claus, slamming the door and saying Ho HO HO!  He passed a week after I turned six.  I wish I’d known him more because I think we share a lot of similarities.  He loved people, just like me.

He was a drinker, but got sober in the last few years of his life, and stayed in recovery.  He had gone to this place called the Shepherd’s Home.  I think I wrote a poem about him.  Let me find it…. Here it is!  Read the poem and you’ll learn a lot about Granddaddy.  I love him so much, and know he’s with me sometimes.  He was 61 when he died.

My Mama had 2 fathers and lost both of them.  The first one, Oswald Allen, left when she was a baby.  She met him a few times during her life.  He disappointed her a lot, but I also don’t know how much my grandmother had to do with it.  I don’t know much about him, except when & where he died.  He had another family.  I communicated with his nephew a while back and learned a bit about him.  Her 2nd father was her Daddy.  His name was Grady Fussell.  He was a grocer, and from what I understand a very kind, gentle person, loved by many.  Sadly, he had a massive heart attack when he was 39 and died.  Mama was 15.  Once this lady, my Mama’s best friend’s mother, told me ‘oh I remember that day, I had to go out to the tobacco field where she was working and tell her.  It broke my heart.’  Well, it broke my heart when Miss Verena told me this years ago.

Memom married a third time, and Bob was the ‘Grandpa’ I knew from Mama’s side.  He was a bit of a drinker.  But he was so much more.  Very, very smart.  He was quite frank, and I believe that turned some people off, but it never bothered me.  I’ve written about him before.  Let me see if I can find it.  Here it is.  I should categorize and tag my posts better.  I didn’t feel particularly close to Bob, but I had a psychic reading several years ago and he showed up.  The psychic described him perfectly, actually mentioning this person who’d shown up was a soldier & lion’s club member!  I knew it was Bob.  He donated his body to science.  Anyhow Bob told me he always thought of me as a granddaughter and it made me feel so good.  He made a big impression on me when I was a child.  He passed when I was 12.  I have a picture of him, holding my little brother & I’m sitting on the arm of the chair.  Oh, can’t find it now, and I’m getting tired.

Here is a pic of Bob holding my baby brother, David, and me sitting on the arm of the chair.

jule bob david 1970


I hope I’m not a total bore!


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