Share a story of a memorable dinner.


Writing prompt from MamaKat.

I just added a picture of Bob, Memom’s 3rd husband.  I noticed he doesn’t look as old as I remember him….. wonder why?

Memom & Bob had a garden at my aunt’s house across the river.  One summer evening they took me to the garden with them.  Bob was bald, and wore a pith helmet in the sun.  I always remember the meal we had after with so much fondness.  I can taste and smell it right now.

So, we had blt’s with real good bacon.  All the veggies were freshly picked from the garden.  The tomatoes were so big, you only needed one slice for a sandwich.  She also made corn on the cob, and green beans with potatoes in them, season with pork, I’m sure.  It was so delicious.  I was prolly about 11 and I still remember it so viscerally.

I came across this pic.  It is of my sisters and me  on Easter at Memom’s.  Note Memom’s cool red Rambler in the back.

Not as prissy as my sissies.

Not as prissy as my sissies.


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