I received 2 books today


I recently discovered this website, jfkfacts.org.  It explores the Kennedy assassination, without making assertions about any particular theory.  It states it tries to deal with facts only.  Some of the people who comment on the material obviously do have opinions.  I feel like the truth has been somewhat obscured by the folks at either end of the opinion spectrum who believe they are 100% right.

Anyhow, I decided to read another book about the assassination.  Truthfully, although I’ve read books about the parties involved, I’ve never read anything about the assassination itself.  My husband recommends Best Evidence by David Lifton.

Jfkfacts.org recommended this book, and I ordered it because the author has won a Pulitzer, so I figured it would read well.  It is called Not In Your Lifetime by Anthony Summers.  The title refers to some of the classified information that was to be guarded until all parties alive when it occurred are no longer with us.  I’m excited to read it.  I hope I can finish it by my birthday, which is the day after the 50th anniversary of the assassination.  It is a long book.

The other book I received is a collection of short stories by Stephen King called Just After Sunset.  Some of my favorite works by him are short stories or novellas.  One of the more chilling stories I read long ago was called Quitters, Inc.  Click on the name of the story for a review.  It must have made quite an impression on me if I can remember the name and some of the things that happened in it!

I will leave you with a sculpture by Henry Moore, ca mid 1930’s.  I took this picture at my favorite museum ever in Denmark, Louisiana.



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