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So, I haven’t posted since February. For some reason I haven’t had the urge, although I’ve been reading. A lot. Here is a list of what I’ve read over the past 5 months since I last posted. Lots of nonfiction, as usual. For some reason basic true crime soothes my mind. I don’t know why. Escape I guess.

I have highlighted the ones I would recommend you read. Usually they are ones that are written well, and tell a very interesting story. Unless I said I hated it, the others are definitely readable, especially Caitlin Rother. Anyhoo, here it is:

The New Colossus
-historical fiction by Marshall Goldberg, who is also a very interesting person. I read it today. Instead of doing anything else.

Missy’s Murder-Karen Kingsbury

And Then She Killed Him – Robert Scott

I Forgot to Remember – Su Meck (so excellent, stayed up all night reading it.)

Deadly Pretender – Karen Kingsbury

Murder-Murder – John White

Empty Mansions
– Bill Dedman & Paul Clark Newell, Jr. (about heiress Huguette Clark–very good)

Wishing for Snow – Minrose Gwin (a memoir, very good read.)

I’ll Take Care of You – Caitlin Rother

One To the Wolves – Lois Duncan (part 2 of her memoirs about the murder of her daughter. She is a tween author.)

Death Sentence – Jerry Bledsoe (about Velma Barfield, serial killer)

Benghazi “The Definitive Report” editors of Sofrep.com Jack Murphy & Brandon Webb–interesting take on John Brennan’s culture in US defense, but I don’t trust the authors. (don’t recommend)

Beyond His Control – Linda Hale Bucklin (memoir, pretty good)

Marked For Death – Brian J. Karem

Informally Educated – Kennesaw Taylor (memoir, pretty good)

Die, My Love – Kathryn Casey (about a murder that occurred here in Richmond, interesting)

Brain on Fire – Susannah Cahalan (excellent read about her experience with a serious illness.)

The Death of Judy Huscher – Laura McNeal

Eye Contact – Morrison Bonpasse & Chad Evans (this book was weird, but I read it.) (don’t recommend)

Little Girl Lost – Tammy Mal

Fourteen – The Murder of David Stukel – Bill O’Connelli

Pop. 1280 – Jim Thompson (good book, Thompson was an inspiration to Stephen King.)

Prisoners of Fear – Gera-lind Kolarik (don’t remember anything about it)

Righteous Carnage – Timothy Benford, James Johnson (about the John List murders. I think I also read it years ago but didn’t remember.)

My Stolen Son – Susan Markowitz (sad story, excellent representation of grief)

Son of a Grifter – Kent Walker w/ Mark Schone (this was good, it was about Sante Krimes & Kenneth Krimes, written by Sante’s eldest son, who had a hard time escaping his mother’s clutches.)

I’ll Be Watching You – William Phelps, who titles some of his books after Police songs.

Murderer with a Badge – Edward Humes I would recommend it. Humes is a good writer.

Lost Girls – Caitlin Rother

Shattered Justice – John Philpin

The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese – Daleen Berry & Geoffrey Fuller

Sister of Silence: A Memoir – I re-read this by Daleen Berry. I love this book. She is such a survivor


One Response to “Reading, read”

  1. try to find your poetry here,

    bless you.

    Good evening!

    Happy New Year!

    It’s raining hailstone at my place, strange…..I feel profound that I find the courage to put up another poetry rally, just for those who love poetry and support poetic prompts…

    Poetry picnic week 79 is up, please feel free to join the party today, random poetry is welcome too,

    Thanks in advance.


    Hope to see you in…………

    Sincerely yours,
    Hyde Park Poetry….

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