A Scrabble Game That Got Loud….


“Write about an intense game of Scrabble that takes a turn for the worse.” –Writing Prompt from Mama Kat.

I picked this prompt because I did have a Scrabble game with Tim early in our relationship that went awry. He kept using all 7 tiles, which I thought was virtually impossible. I was furious! It was so funny. I didn’t realize at the time that it really is quite possible to use all seven letters. I know not why I didn’t think that was so.  Once I realized this, I started having games where I used all 7 tiles. It’s a 50 point bonus, you know. That’s a lot! Or maybe 100. Can’t remember.

I learned an important lesson here. I’ve always ascribed to believing anything can happen. It isn’t hard to convince me something great will happen. Here, once I knew that it wasn’t that difficult to use all 7 letters, I was able to do that on a regular basis. In all my years of Scrabble before, I had never used all 7 letters.

Granted, Scrabble wasn’t my first game choice. I like card games–spades and hearts. I used to love Backgammon, played it constantly, but I’m not sure I could set the board up properly now. The kids got me to play Cards Agains Humanity and it was hilarious.

Someone I knew was talking about blogging today and it made me want to blog. It’s been a long time. I would love to write poetry again. Or maybe just take a writing class. I like this one that’s more of a diary class, really, but I love his prompts. It’s been years since I took it.

Let me leave you with a pic–hopefully it will work properly. It’s been so long since I blogged the format has changed a bit.

I doodled my name!

I doodled my name!


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