Annie’s Writing Prompt #14


Here is Annie’s writing prompt #14. It is a lovely picture, but I decided to deal with the quote in the picture for this prompt.  It says “If I let you in please don’t break anything.”

She told him,

“If I let you in, please don’t break anything.”

A wounded heart,

fragile like glass.

She longs to feel safe,

but what does that look like?

She must create it herself.


5 Responses to “Annie’s Writing Prompt #14”

  1. bbeyes4 Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! Well done!!

    • Julie Says:

      Thank you. I wasn’t pleased for some reason. You know how usually you feel right?

      • bbeyes4 Says:

        Well you can post something else if you like. Annie says you’re not limited to just on😊 personally I loved what you wrote, but you’re the one who needs to be happy.

  2. Annie's Muse Says:

    Julie … you said more in a few words than I can begin to say in an essay … excellent!!!

  3. Ultimately … she must be strong … tis the way of the woman … wonderfully written …

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