I haven’t seen her in years.

She had lots of feelings and happenings.


Serious lows.

Delicious highs.

The world was different.

She was different.

Perspective changes, and it’s fresh to see it.

It’s fresh to feel it too.

Everyone thought of themselves.

It was a selfish time.

And no one knew what to believe.

Because it had been confused,


Or not.

For some anger.

and a need to blame.

Others exhausted.


Some blissfully oblivious.

Late 19th.

There was Haymarket, labor unrest.

It was like this.

Or not.

No charismatic leader, right?

Maybe a hated leader,

Like now.

No social media, ergo


Biggest difference.

More of us now.

We’re the same as before.

We are alike.

We sentient beings.

My muse eludes me.





I am writing in response to Annie’s Prompt. I’ve not written a lot with visual prompts. Usually my prompts are written. So, we shall see how this goes.  I found the pic and prompt over at her blog in, Writing Outside The Lines.  Here is the prompt: (I can write about the words on a few of the rocks, or all the rocks, lots of options.


I want to talk about the colors.

The sentiments-floating or sinking.

The purple Peace is lovely.


You Are Loved

What I want to write about are my feelings right now. They are wavy and very confused and hurting in a way that feels palpable to me. Someone recently told me they appreciated my complexity. That felt comforting. I am feeling strangely determined. I am feeling hurt. It is visceral. I feel it in my heart.

If I write will I comfort myself?

I wonder why the writing prompts for kids are more interesting to me than the ones for adults? I think the ones for adults are too involved, write too much of the story for you, maybe. Anyhow, I don’t have a favorite childhood toy, but I will tell you about some of my dolls. They were so important to me. I was a serial monogamist with dolls.

There was Baby Tender Love, Chrissie (with the blonde hair that grew!). My first doll was Thumbelina, which I sort of thought was because I sucked my thumb. She was a little doll, half the size of Baby Tender Love. Baby Tender Love had a real mouth to pretend feed.

Thumbelina might have had a pull string in her back that made her do something, but I don’t remember what. Or that may have been another doll. I remember mostly her size (small like me) and her beautiful dress, which I loved. Also, she had a soft stuffed fabric body, not plastic like Baby Tender Love, who I obviously remember better! It was a rust colored corduroy. I can feel it right now. I rubbed the heck out of that corduroy. She was quiet and sweet and really seemed to have a personality. I had a huge imagination. She may have been a hand me down, because I remember she seemed a little grimy. Probably from me carrying her everywhere! And maybe my sisters before me.

Once my Uncle David (who is 71 today!) was stationed in Korea after he graduated NC State, and he sent my sisters and me this beautiful Korean doll. She was gorgeous. I think I’ve written about her before. She was about 3 feet tall, and her elaborate clothes seemed like silk and she had a silk-covered china doll face. And I remember sequins. It was exquisite. I wish I could tell you more details about the doll. I don’t remember details well at all.

Anyhow, my sisters and I literally loved that doll to death. She became a ragged toy after we were finished with her. At the time we were probably 5, 7 and 9. Each one of us loved her. To death. RIP, Korean Doll.

Let’s see-I may have a pic, because I think I told this story before. I think we were about 4, 6 & 8. I’m on the left. I always felt guilty that we didn’t take better care of this special doll. Which seeing my age is a little ridic.


Fun with flower arranging.



Today is a good day.  I have felt grateful all day.  For my Creative Spark writing class we are supposed to be keeping a dream journal.  I write my dreams down a lot anyhow, on scraps of paper or notepad around my bed.  The last couple of times I woke up and wanted to write it down I was too lady to find somethihg to write on.  However, I was inspired to write 2 poems while I was showering that day.  I had woken up with this “full of feeling” feeling and the words seemed to rain down on me as I showered so I wrote them quickly.  I shared them on here.

Today I couldn’t remember much of the dreams but poetry came to me in that little place between asleep and awake.  I quickly found something to write on, and nice tablet/spiral at the top full size notebook so I wrote poetry and journaled.  I must say that is an invigorating way to begin the day!  Then some Led Zeppelin II on the short trip to work..”Rock and Roll”, loudly, and I was Miss Productive!

Afterward went out to Mom’s and just about everyone was there.  Saw all of my nieces and nephews on that side for awhile.  Didn’t stay too long because I still have a nasty cough and asthma.  I came home and lay down awhile.  Then I finished making the pie (well, almost) that I’m making for tomorrow.

I’m happy to be home with Tim, Barrett, Andy and Elsie.  Andy came home last night.  I’d forgotten about “No Shave November”.  This year is the 2nd year of this lovely practice.  Here is my little college boy-(not so little, not a boy, I’m sure he’d say)

Well, Facebook isn’t cooperating right now, so I can’t send the pic over here.  Suffice it to say:  He’s hairy.

I am thankful for my family, friends-old and new, writing, the rain, the sun, my gas efficient car, Elsie (my shadow who loves me so unconditionally), someone not drinking today, the health of my family, good books to read.

from my compulsive reading.  I am still reading the Mulvaneys.  It’s sad, depressing.  I like this book but I think I’ve been over indulging.   Reading is a solitary affair, and as a bit of an extrovert, I need to communicate with and be around other people.  There are a couple of nice arts events this week, Wed. & Friday, and hopefully will catch up with a few friends this weekend.  Need human contact!!  It’s not that I haven’t had any, I have just spent all my time at home either reading, or writing.  The writing is really good for me, so I’ll lighten up on the reading.  Not that I won’t read at all, of course, since I do enjoy it.  Oh, Geez, ya-di-ya-di-ya.

By the way, I must say Ellen over at Fired n’ Fabulous (she’s also on my blogroll) has a great blog.  It’s light and airy, but still gives me food for thought.  She’s very zany!  Each of her blog ends with a question, which invites comments.  I love commenting on her blog, because she reads them and comments back.

I hope my writing assignment for my Creative Spark class isn’t too long.  I typed it, which makes it so much easier to say more, and it’s 4 typed pages.  I feel like I talked about 2 different things, I hope the disconnect isn’t as obvious as it seems to me.

Finished The Molineux Afftair this afternoon.  I’m feeling unmotivated and down.  Ok, there I said it.  I did get some housework done-most of the laundry, dusting and vacuuming, but I didn’t complete it all.  This afternoon I’m going to a new member’s reception for Visual Arts center.  I’m dreading it a little, only because I’m having a crisis of confidence.  I’m sure it will be fine.  I’ve been such a slug, I don’t want to blow this off too.

I did my Creative Spark writing assignment, but I want to tweak it.   There is a whole area I wanted to talk about and I didn’t, so I have the material, just need to get it down.  The assigment was to read something written by Langston Hughes, and writing about it and applying some of it to our own lives and write about it.   

I think I’d be better off if I didn’t involve myself with politics at all.  In fact, I’m going to un-follow some people, because I don’t think it’s an area I need to focus on.  It’s so negative.  And I just received this book about Bush & Cheney’s war for oil by Gore Vidal.  He is an excellent writer, and he always covers subjects very thoroughly and from a historical perspective as well.  I find this enriching.  But before I read that I think I will read We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates.

Okay, I’ll get back to the assignment.   Wish I could be more interesting, but not feeling very interesting at the moment.  Sorry, Readers!  And you are so sweet to read my blather.  More later!