Wow, I’ve already written 2 poems today.  I had just showered so I wrote them on the back of Tim’s ‘Accounting Today’ magazine.  I’ll put them up here, I guess.  It’s a little scary.

We went to the Kalospectra event at the A-Loft last night.  Tim even got Barrett to come.  We didn’t stay long.  There were some kids outside doing BMX Bike tricks with a ramp, which was kind of fun to watch.  The DJ was good, but it was too pretty loud.  Tim had never seen the lounge there before and I wanted to show it to him.  The art was interesting.  A lot of testosterone-fueled angst in the art, and some disturbing female imagery in some of it.  But, it’s art, and we all have a dark side that has to be expressed in some manner.  There was some decent photography.  The painting I liked the most was downstairs.   It was of 2 African (I think) women, and it had a sort of Picasso/Dali energy to it.

Very excited about lunch w/ whiz-bang Donna Highfill tomorrow (yes that’s her in the photo on the front page),  then the preview at VMFA.  Sat. I’m having lunch at Kitchen 64 with my friend, Susan, then we are going to this art sale.  In the evening hopefully my friend, Mandy and her precious kids Jackson & Merdith & I are doing the suburban Short Pump Cinema movie and chain restaurant dinner!  They live in the city, so they have to get out to the ‘burbs sometimes! 

Sunday Tim and I are going to the Craft+Design Show at the Science Museum.  I just linked to the Science Museum and they are running what looks a like a very cool film on caves in their IMAX theatre.  Maybe we’ll check that out, too!  And regarding the Craft+Design show, it is a must see.  It’s around this time every year, and it is the nicest show of this type in the Richmond area.  It’s amazing what these artisans create.

Okay, weird to have something going on all weekend, but it will be good for me.  Like I said, I’ve been reading way too much.  I did start The Mustache last night, but I won’t read it obsessively.  I promise myself, it will take… at least 5 days, if not more.  The link is actually to the film that the author made of the book, which I will have to see!




So, I finished Class Trip by Emmanuel Carrere.  I now have The Mustache to read by him.  However, Class Trip was pretty macabre.  Not that I don’t like macabre, but I decided to read a true cime book titled The Molineux Affair by Jane Pejsa.  It was an Edgar Allen Poe Fact Crime award finalist.  It’s about a New York Society murder, actually 2 murders, possibly committed by the same man, that takes place around the turn of the century.  It is well written, and intriguing so far.   And I love my Society murders!!  Oh, Molineux the narrator’s love gives her a Mizpah ring, which I found interesting.  Apparently it was a common Victorian custom.  I had to find a picture of one and here it is:

mizpah ring

I’ve been quite the slug for the past day-basically reading.  I’m aching all over.  Not in a flu way, but in an “everything’s out of sort” way.  Finally went out yesterday afternoon to pick up Barrett, get the h1n1 vaccine and have an early dinner with him and Tim.  Andy didn’t come home from school because of the weather.  I desperately need to dust & vacuum and keep the laundry going.  Maybe I’ll get some motivation soon.  I have the place to myself; Tim and Barrett went to see 2012.  That ought to be a classic!  I think their expectations are low, but they are excited to see special effects.

Hmmm… I want to post a picture of something….  how about my family??  Here we are right after Andy’s high school graduation in June.  It was a tan time for me, ha ha!  And my hair was too long!  Whatever, it was a joyous day for our family and we were so proud of our graduate.


And this evening I started reading Class Trip by Emmanuel Carrere.  It is a quick read; I’m about 2/3 of the way through it, and I’ll probably finish it.  He is a French writer.  I just read his wiki profile and several of his books have been adapted to film.  I’m looking forward to checking them out.  Class Trip is written from the standpoint of a young man, Nicholas, who is about 12.   I’m impressed with Carrere’s finesse in capturing the boy’s adolescent self absorption and visceral angst.  I’m sure I will finish this book before I go to sleep tonight.  I’m delighted these books were translated to English! 

I talked about Carrere earlier when I read his book, The Adversary, which was nonfiction.  He’s also written a biography of the science fiction writer, Philip Dick.  I don’t have that one, but I do have an earlier work, The Mustache, which came with this order from my favorite booksellers–Better World Books.  I told you all about Better World Books here.

So, I’ve had a little cereal, and I’m back to Class Trip.  Ta Ta!

I’m on a reading frenzy.  Last night I read The Adversary by a French writer, Emmanuel Carrere.  This was fascinating nonfiction, and I have already ordered 2 of his novels from the bargain bin at my favorite bookstore, Better World Books.  Can’t wait to get them.  I also started Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace by Gore Vidal.  It is Vidal’s examination and commentary on Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City massacre, and 9/11/01.  It also examines the aggression and military or covert involvement of the US in world affairs since the end of WW II. 

Well, off to work.