Haven’t written


I’ve been unable to write this week for some reason.  It’s been a weird week.  Stephanie is coming tomorrow and we are hopefully doing 1st Friday Art Walk tomorrow evening, part of her nephew’s football game, and drinks afterward.  Then Sat., we’ll do Uptown galleries and hopefully Manchester galleries.  I’m reading The Diana Chronicles and I think it’s getting me kind of depressed.  I don’t know why.  It’s the first book I’ve read about Diana.  Her life is just a little depressing.  She was so self destructive, and I’ve always felt badly for her sons, losing their Mom.

Perhaps also I am having a hard time writing because my assignments are interfering with bloggging.  The first couple of weeks I completed my assignments quickly, but the last 2 weeks I haven’t completed them until the last minute.  I think I feel like I can’t blog if I haven’t done my writing assigment.  Maybe I’ll do my writing assignment on here (privately) and then I can just switch over from that to blogging and it isn’t so separate. 

By the way, I was so delighted when I discovered in the last year that the dictionary no longer distinguishes separate and seperate.   For years I wondered if I was using the correct version of the word in my thinking and writing and, alas, no more wondering.  They are interchangeable.  I always tend to use separate, anyhow.

I’m also dealing with a little malady and it doesn’t exactly make me feel the best.

Anywho, watching NCIS re-runs with B & Tim.  Getting hair done tomorrow.  I’m having a chair I had re-upholstered delivered in the moning.  So excited!!  Let’s see if I can find a photo of the fabric.  Here’s the chair:DSC02026

Here’s the fabric, or a color similar to the fabric I used.


So, I’m really excited to get it.  Will go great in here.

The pic makes me miss my house.  It looked pretty at Christmas.  I couldn’t tell you which pod that tree is in.  The entertainment center is gone.  We’re in the apartment now.  Let’s see if I can find a pic of the outside of my house.  Or my former house.  I’m missing it right now.  A little sad.  Change, change.  It’s good for the soul, but sometimes there’s a twinge of pain.





The Diana Chronicles by the witty Tina Brown.  Here is an amusing and interesting review.   I’ve never read a book about Princess Diana before this, so I find some of the gossip interesting.  I wasn’t a big Diana follower but I thought she was absolutely gorgeous, and loved looking at pictures of her. 

I’ve mentioned before my loathing of waking up in the morning.  It is truly difficult for me.  In order to assure my wakening, before I married, I would set the clock radio across the room, forcing me to get up and push the snooze when NPR came blasting on at the preconfigured time.  That is how I learned she had died.  The alarm time was probably set on the hour because the first thing I heard was the lead news announcement that she was dead.  I felt sad for her, and mostly for her sons, because I always feel sad when boys lose their Mommies, emotional projectionist that I am.  I doubt emotional projectionist is a correct phrase, but fits for me here.  Ever know anyone that makes up words?  I love it when people do that!

Well, I guess I shall get back to my book.  Trying to get my spirits up.  I am probably reading too much and need to feed my extroverted side.  I do enjoy reading, though.  Had a nice chat with one of my neighbors last night while I was walking Elsie.  Oh, blather!