today at Goodwill.  $1 ea.  I wrote a post about each one, with links to them–all 5, w/ authors & why I got the book.  Then WordPress refused to post it, and there was no draft saved.  Sooo, I shall tell you about ea. as I go along.

I’ll leave you with a picture.  I went to Sweden with my friend, Stephanie Joyce.  While there she purchased a piece of luggage, and I took this pic of her.  I thought she looked futuristic.  The hotel was contemporary, with lots of cool lighting.  Click on Stephanie’s name to go to her website.  She is an artist.  I looked at her site for the first time in awhile & it took my breath away.  Anyhoo, here it is:


NYC Area Art Show


My friend, Stephanie Joyce, has work showing at Dara’s Gallery in Ridgefield, CT.  This is a short train ride from NYC, and Ridgefield is a charming town.  By the way, both of these links are on my blogroll under ‘Friends’ Pages’.  Here’s the note I received from Stephanie.

My work entitled Shadow Play and other select paintings are currently on exhibit at Galleria d’Arte until November 30th.  The exhibit also features paintings by Claudia Mengel.

Please join us for the opening reception this Sunday, November 22, from 2-5pm

Hope to see you there!


Galleria d’Arte
3 Bailey Avenue
Ridgefield, CT 06877


Here is a picture of one of Stephanie’s printmaking pieces.  She is very talented.  Her work resonates very deeply spiritually and emotionally. 

Wonderful Weekend


My girlfriend, Stephanie, visited this weekend from CT.  We had lots of fun.  She stayed at the ALoft hotel here in our neighborhood.  It’s across the street!  That was fun.  I’d never been to the hotel before, and it’s lots of fun.  There’s a pool & outdoor lounge which we didn’t use, but I’d been wanting to check out the lounge and it was very pretty.  The room was great, large.  Design is all contemporary, and very cheap to stay there now. 

Friday we went to the 1st Friday Art Walk downtown, which I’ve wanted to do for years.  Now I will feel more comfortable doing it alone, since I know where everything is.  We had a fine dinner at Tarrant’s.  It was very nice.  It’s an old drugstore and the decor is late Victorian with lots of wood trim-booths, etc.,  and art.  Some of the paintings are contemporary which added a nice balance.  The service and food were excellent.  We then hit several galleries. 

Afterward we went to Melito’s in the West End to rendezvous with our whiz-bang woman friend, Ann Bradley Ballance, and have a drink.  Great seeing Ann again.  Next we went to a nearby high school to see Stephanie’s nephew play football and Stephanie rendezvoused with her brother, Hugh and his wife.  We arrived in the 4th quarter and it went into overtime.  Good game, disappointing end for our team, though.  He goes to the same school where we went to high school, Patrick Henry High School in Hanover County.  Afterward we visited with them for a while, then, Ann, Stephanie & I went back to the ALOFT and had a drink in the lounge and then we sat up talking until about 4:30 in the morning.   Quite the day!

Yesterday we were much more laid back.  We had a big breakfast at Boychik’s, a great NY style deli, by the way.  We rendezvoused with our good friend, Theresa, in the fan, at the Visual Arts Center, which is where my Creative Spark writing class is.  We refreshed at Home Team Grill, and rounded off the visit with Theresa by visiting galleries in the “Uptown” area-1300-1800 W. Main Street.  It was fun because at the Reynolds Gallery, a show had just opened the night before and Stephanie knew the artist.  He lives near her and has shown in some of the same places.  His work was remarkable.  His name is James Prosek.  He has transformed a genre (he’s known as the “Audubon of fishing”) from something very plain, organic, natural to contemporary, extremely fluid and emotionally satisfying (for moi, anywho) work.  I always love meeting the artist when I see a piece.  That was a highlight.

Let’s see, we rested some, I worked on my Creative Spark assignment, then we went to dinner at Shackleford’s.  I had my usual, Chesapeake Chicken, (chicken breast stuffed with crab over mashed potatoes & asparagus-yum!) and Stephanie had a fish, can’t remember what but it was a large white fish special with mushroom grits.  Then we went back to her hotel and hung out.  I could pop out and run home for a bit to walk Elsie, etc.  Very convenient.  Her plane left early so we had a cup of tea to go and I came home and crashed again.

Hope this hasn’t been a bore, but I like to mention specifics so with their links so you can check them out if something interests you!

Haven’t written


I’ve been unable to write this week for some reason.  It’s been a weird week.  Stephanie is coming tomorrow and we are hopefully doing 1st Friday Art Walk tomorrow evening, part of her nephew’s football game, and drinks afterward.  Then Sat., we’ll do Uptown galleries and hopefully Manchester galleries.  I’m reading The Diana Chronicles and I think it’s getting me kind of depressed.  I don’t know why.  It’s the first book I’ve read about Diana.  Her life is just a little depressing.  She was so self destructive, and I’ve always felt badly for her sons, losing their Mom.

Perhaps also I am having a hard time writing because my assignments are interfering with bloggging.  The first couple of weeks I completed my assignments quickly, but the last 2 weeks I haven’t completed them until the last minute.  I think I feel like I can’t blog if I haven’t done my writing assigment.  Maybe I’ll do my writing assignment on here (privately) and then I can just switch over from that to blogging and it isn’t so separate. 

By the way, I was so delighted when I discovered in the last year that the dictionary no longer distinguishes separate and seperate.   For years I wondered if I was using the correct version of the word in my thinking and writing and, alas, no more wondering.  They are interchangeable.  I always tend to use separate, anyhow.

I’m also dealing with a little malady and it doesn’t exactly make me feel the best.

Anywho, watching NCIS re-runs with B & Tim.  Getting hair done tomorrow.  I’m having a chair I had re-upholstered delivered in the moning.  So excited!!  Let’s see if I can find a photo of the fabric.  Here’s the chair:DSC02026

Here’s the fabric, or a color similar to the fabric I used.


So, I’m really excited to get it.  Will go great in here.

The pic makes me miss my house.  It looked pretty at Christmas.  I couldn’t tell you which pod that tree is in.  The entertainment center is gone.  We’re in the apartment now.  Let’s see if I can find a pic of the outside of my house.  Or my former house.  I’m missing it right now.  A little sad.  Change, change.  It’s good for the soul, but sometimes there’s a twinge of pain.