1944 Atlantic Storm


I was reading about this storm earlier this week, and realized my Dad was living in Manteo, NC during this time.  He was 9 years old.  Today I asked him what he remembered about it.  I’m going to talk to him more, but wanted to get the things he told me down.  He remembered going down to Aunt Cada’s store (Tarkington’s) downtown with his Daddy, his 2 uncles Frank, and his cousins Jack and Jerry who were around the same age.  He remembered walking through water that appeared very deep to him both outside and in the store.

He also remembered seeing the roof blow off the gym at the school, so I guess they were running around during the storm, but that’s what residents did.  They had  to check their businesses, and one of the uncles was the Sheriff of Dare County, so he had to be out and about.  I’m pretty sure he was Sheriff at that time.  He was also in charge of the jail.

Actually, he didn’t become sheriff until 1946 so I don’t know what they were doing out in the storm.  Checking on the store, I guess.  Anyhow, I’m going to ask him some more questions about it when I see him again.

I wonder if my outer banks kin evacuated.  Irene will be there late tomorrow night, I guess.  I doubt it.  I’ve never known any of them to evacuate during a storm.  I’m very concerned about the beach replenishment project at Nags Head.  They spent millions and aren’t done, and I’m sure Irene isn’t going to help.

So thankful Andy evacuated to my inlaws’ in Williamsburg.  He goes to school in Va. Beach at Va. Wesleyan College, and was planning to stay with friends in the area.  I was so worried he was going to be stubborn about it and stay.  He’s 20.  After he sees this storm he’ll be glad he left, I bet.

All for now-Ta!


I must say, I’m moved by this Daily News reporter’s essay about his experience at Arlington Cemetery on Veteran’s Day.   A Twitter friend posted it and I don’t remember who, I wish I did so I could thank them.  This was quite eloquent.  You can find it here.

Ida (or her remnants) has decided to wreak havoc on the eastern mid-atlantic.  My son goes to Virginia Wesleyan, which is less than a mile from the Chesapeake Bay, and they canceled classes today.  They also canceled classes at Old Dominion U.  They were showing a weatherman on the Virginia Beach waterfront and it looked like a hurricane or bad tropical storm.  Lots of wind, rain and erosion.

Here in Richmond it is rainy and cold.  I do love storms, though, as long as I know everyone is safe.  The winds are probably 15-20 mph here, sustained, and the temp. is 45 degrees F.  I wore my winter coat and hat to work today.  The last 2 times I visited New York City it was during a nor’easter storm.  As long as my shoes are waterproof, my head dry, and I’m not cold, I’m happy.