As I said before I started Erik Larson’s Thunderstruck about Marconi, the wireless teletype, a murder, and other stuff.  It’s not easy to read.  I can’t understand when I love a writer’s work, like I loved Isaac’s Storm, and then have a hard time with another work.  Perhaps it’s just because storms (hurricanes) interest me, especially Gulf & Atlantic storms.  This is probably because of my heritage of North Carolina coastal ancestry.  Just can’t get into it and I received a new book, The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant.  It’s about a scandal (imagine that!) in Nebraska involving a plundered Savings & Loan (ring any 1980’s bells) and a child prostitution ring that reached high into government.  One of those conspiracy books.  Quite interesting, and I’ll be interested to see how it turns out because I barely remember the events, and apparently the investigation was sort of squashed by some or all part(s) of government.   We shall see.

I took a long break in the middle of that paragraph to clip the hair of both of my ginger-haired sons.  And take out the trash and get the mail.  Lots of Christmas cards today because no mail this past Sat.  We ended up with about 14″ of snow, which is a whole lot for us.  It’s been a bit of a hamper to Elsie when we go for walks.  Yesterday a young hound mix escaped from her owner’s grasp and attacked Elsie.  I might have mentioned that yesterday.  She’s fine.  Just a little scratch on the ear.  When she charged the 2nd time I pushed her back w/ my foot/leg.  I’m feeling de ja vous.  I must have written all about this already.    Maybe I wrote about it in my journal.

On to the next subject–yay!  My creative mojo peeked out and squeaked out a few poems.  They didn’t feel really well written but they were words, in my head, so I wrote them down.  I may write about a wife and mother who passed away in July, 1996.  It was Tim’s first wife.  Today would have been their 24th wedding anniversary, and Tim’s grandparents’ 74th wedding anniversary.  It’s kind of sad.  He’s been a little melancholy, doing better now.  I have to try not to get melancholy too.

Ta Ta for now!  Back to my conspiracy book.


We are in Norfolk, going to a banquet at Virginia Wesleyan, Andy’s college in a few hours.   We are staying at a new Holiday Inn Express w/ great contemporary decor.  Wish I knew it had a pool & gym, & the price was right.  It was a block of rooms for people going to this event.  I’m feeling…weird that I haven’t written on here in a few days.  Ever since my poem about Barrett.  Doubt he’ll see it; very unlikely that he reads his Mom’s blog–how boring!  Ha Ha! 

I read a book called Goodbye Mommy .  It’s by a woman named Lora Lee Boynton, an ex-Pat. living in England.  It is multi-faceted.  She has dealt with a lot in her short life (not even 40!).  This is lifetimes of lessons she is learning here!  I bought the book through a British publisher, which made it a little more expensive, but it’s priced low, so it actually is the same price as any hardcover you’d buy here.  I recommend it.  She is straightforward, honest, a very brave woman.  She has 4 sons, need I say more??  Check it out.

I’ve now started Thunderstruck by Erik Larson.  He wrote my favorite historical weather book ever, Isaac’s Storm.  If you have not read it, please do.  I can’t tell you yet about this one, as I have just begun reading it.  What he does is tell a personal story, nonfiction, set during or at the same time as a notable historical event.   He also wrote The Devil in the White City, which was a best seller, but I never read it for some reason.  I also ordered a book by Jane Hamilton, Disobedience, which I am sure I will love.  I loved The Book of Ruth and A Map of the World.  A Map of the World, of which I remember few details, but I do remember the most important, still makes my heart heavy.  Not for long, of course I wouldn’t let that happen, right?  Not me, Miss Obsessive???

Oh, Elsie has been a little sick.  She might have an intestinal infection.  I got a great dog sitter, Deb Harper.  Let me know if you need a dog sitter in the west end of Henrico.  She is wonderful.  Very laid back and nice.  Anywho, Elsie had bad diarrhea starting this morning.  She didn’t have any accidents, just not good when she’s going outside.  She seems to feel okay, not great.  So if she’s still not well tomorrow I’m taking her to the vet Monday.  I feel so thankful to have Deb taking care of her.  This is the first time I’ve had a dog sitter come in.

Oh, when we crossed Chesapeake & Willoughby Bays today on the way to Norfolk they were so beautiful.  It was a little overcast, but the water was smooth as glass.

I made a business/calling card.  Here it is.

I’m reading..


Still the large tome about the history of missing people.  Started a good fluff novel by Dominick Dunne, A Season in Purgatory.  It’s main character sound like he is based on a young Teddy Kennedy, and the family described sounds very much like Kennedy’s.  Won’t take me long to read.  I ordered a couple of books recommended by one of  my birth pod members  (born 11/23, like me!-younger though!) Kim, and a couple I’d been saving w/ a 15% discount from, who else? Better World Books.  Here they are:

The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron (which I have somewhere in storage but I’ve no idea when I’ll see it again and must read now!) Me, compulsive?  Why, I …..

The Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp (Excitation!  Not a painter, etc., but a dancer/choreographer!!)

Disobedience: A Novel, by Jane Hamilton (have read 2 other of her fabulous novels; so very interesting!)

Thunderstuck, by Erik Larsen (who wrote Isaac’s Storm, an account of the Galveston storm of the early 1900’s that took many lives and really destroyed Galveston Island.  It is an excellent book and I highly recommend it.) 

Speaking of birth pod members–what do I call them?  Well, Michael Mouskos is closest to cosmic twin because he was born a mere 5 hours after me.  One of my bestest friends, Amanda V.M., born 1966, Kim, born 1966 (I think), Ashtoreth, born 1967, I get confused, Mandy, Kim & Ashtoreth born around the same time,   Amanda’s Dad, Billy, RIP, not sure what year, probably late 20’s or early 30’s.  And RIP, Denise, my sons’ birth mother and Tim’s first wife.  She had the same birthday, born 1962.  I was born 1963.   So, anyone else born 11/23?  Isn’t it wild Denise and I have the same birthday?

Ta Ta, had to write something uplifting after my moribund poems.  Not sure if I used moribund in its appropriate context, but it sounded nice, don’t you think?