Sunday Evening


So Venus & Jupiter are going their separate ways.  It was nice watching them over the past few months coming closer together.  I love it when I can see Venus in the early evening.

My son participated in a marathon dance this weekend.  His high school does it every year.  They have some costume competitions and he and his buddy dressed up as Conan & Andy. (My son is Conan.)Image

It was a good weekend, although I’m feeling a bit of Sunday blues now.  It will pass.



Must get a shower! 

Brilliant hues of orange, purple and blue filled the eastern sky this morning.  It was the sun just before it rose.  There were some stratus clouds, but they seemed to spread the colors across the entire horizon in my line of vision.  Directly above the treeline the sky was on fire!  And about 35 degrees above the horizon I could spot Venus through the clouds. 

I had a coughing/asthma fit last night around 3 am, which made getting up difficult this morning.  I walked Elsie, got B up and Tim took care of the rest.  I went back to bed.   I still feel a little lousy, and I guess it’s time for the inhaler again.  Thankfully, Tim had coffee for me when I woke up!

I just read there was a mistrial in the Travolta extortion case in the Bahamas.  To me, it is beyond sad for this family to have to go through this again.   I can’t imagine losing a child.  The circumstances just add to the trauma.

I was reading a book about the murder of Yale student Bonnie Garland back in the 70’s and I have finally decided to give it up.  I read about 1/2 of it, but it is clinical, redundant and boring.  I shall start another book very soon.  It feels uncomfortable when I don’t have something to read.