This interesting book is about the Buck v. Bill court case in Virginia in about 1929.  I just started reading it, but it is a thorough treatment of the Eugenics Movement, and this case’s global effect on it.

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said in his opinion on this case, “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.  Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

Carrie Buck became the first person sterilized under the new Virginia law that mandated the surgery for people who had been declared “socially inadequate”.

Yikes!  Virginia’s legislators’ dominion over the Commonwealth’s women’s bodies has a long history.  As of 2008, this law is still on the books!

On another note, a pair of Carolina wren’s are building a nest in the small trash can on my patio.  I set out food about a month ago, and it was discovered by sparrows, snowbirds, purple finches, wrens and, today, a tufted titmouse.  The other birds didn’t take kindly to him at all, but he’s been back twice.

The wrens have the loudest, prettiest song, and use it to scare off predators.  They are adorable, smart and careful building the nest.  What a joy to see!

Among the all the birds singing, just now I heard a cardinal (my faves) and a cat crying.  Hope it’s okay.  It wasn’t close.


I’m grieving you today, a lot.  I woke up grieving you.  I ordered flowers from Donna’s, although someone else owns it now.  But Miss Ann & Mrs. Barrett still work there.  I had to order silk flowers, because I’m not there to take care of a dish garden.  You have a birthday coming up.  5/8/21-8/14/09.  Did you pass the 14th, or was your funeral the 14th?  I don’t remember right now.  I have it written down.

I know you’re in a happy place.  Sometimes I miss you so badly, my heart just aches.  But I’m happy you are where you are.  You had a long life.  You suffered a lot, but you had a lot of joy, too.  You were loved by so many people, and you still are.  I’m sure the folks at your church and bible study miss you a lot.  I miss the view from your place at Wynneview.  Remember watching the fireworks there on your balcony?

Love to you, always!

Your sassy cousin

And her name is Erato, Greek muse of beautiful & lyrical poetry.  Let’s see if she will, as my friend Sarah Rose so eloquently says, turn up her palm, and rise to the surface of my heart.


I told you I miss her.

This wisp of a fire-brand,

But so quiet and secretive at times.

Very loving and faithful, too.

She loved Silas, Deb, God, her Mother,

Christine St. Patrick White Allen Swindell,

her Father,

Rufus Fenner Allen,

she was young when he passed, just 8.

And she always missed him so.

She missed her beloved brother and sister.

She missed Alice, her tittering partner in crime.

They were a joy watching together,

like little girls.  So close, so few words

needed to communicate with each other.

They made me laugh. 

I hated it when she didn’t have Alice with her


Now they are together again,

tittering away. 

No pain, only Love.

Rest in Peace and Love,


I miss you.

I’ll talk to you again,




I was given a writing assignment.

I knew I had to write about her.

She passed in August.

I hadn’t grieved her enough. 

I decided to make the characters

her and her husband.

I can’t stop crying.

My heart is so sad.

She was 88, but she seemed

younger.  She also seemed ready.

Her pain was great.

She was tired, sore, unsteady.

I wanted her to go.

I knew she was in pain.

Sometimes we had spats or

I felt obligated to call her

when I didn’t feel like it.

But she didn’t have children.

She’d lost her independence,

but she had adapted.

We saw her in July.

She was sorry she didn’t see

more of us that visit.

I wish I’d known it would

be the last time.

I used to cry when I left her.

But my life was so busy,

I was hasty.

I have no regrets or guilt.

I just miss her.

We got this one shot of her last visit-She hated cats but won this one at Bingo!