at Visual Arts Center this Friday.  I plan to attend.  Looks like fun.  There’s also Open Studio going on via Art 180 at various locations today through Thursday.

I started becoming active again on sparkpeople.com.  It’s a great site to help with weight loss.  The biggest thing is recording what I’m eating every day, which helps me be accountable.  I hope I can lose some weight.  I’m going to the doctor this Friday after having my bloodwork done this past Friday, and I’m afraid about my cholesterol.  I know it’s going to be high.  So, I’m getting the head start before I get the lecture Friday.

I’m feeling really bothered & down because of something that happened.  I didn’t feel like I could talk about it because it has more to do with Tim than me.  It’s his business, but it is very upsetting to me.  He worked somewhere a few years ago for 5 years and was let go on awful terms.  They seemed really unfair at the time, continued to be unfair and illegal in not getting our Cobra insurance going, then when he requested the paperwork involving a supposed meeting with the company principles that put him on probation for a month,  it was obvious the paperwork was made after the request.  The meeting occurred but nothing was communicated regarding job performance.

It was just a big miscommunication regarding his job priorities and he was villified.  The accountant, who thought he was supposed to be reporting to her (he thought it was the principles, who had expressed nothing but satisfaction with his work), decided he had to go.  From the day he had this “warning” meeting that wasn’t a warning meeting, she kept copious notes about his every move & failing.  She then “tested” him with things to do, without indicating their priority, and used that to fault him for everything he didn’t do to her specifications.  She used the strongest, meanest language in denouncing him.  I just don’t understand the malice, or what feels like malice.   If they had just said, hey we have to let you go because of the economy or something.  But no, 1st they tried to deny him unemployment, telling the employment commission awful things about him that were not true.  Then they withheld our health insurance.   It was a difficult, painful situation to get through. 

Now, a friend who was a client of Tim’s and another person there had a meeting (finally, after over a year) with this person, and the first thing he did was apologize for Tim.  He then proceeded to gossip about us and our living arrangements.  She was shocked.  I wish she hadn’t told me.  At first I told her not to, I wish I’d stayed with it.

I don’t tend to be paranoid, and I try so hard not to be a victim.  One of my core values is that there are no vicitims, so what is our lesson?  What is my lesson?  I wish I knew.  I know it has something to do with letting go.  Let go, let God.  The feeling sucks, but I need to just let myself have it without feeilng sorry for myself or on behalf of Tim.  The lesson is Tim is a big boy who can fight his own battles.  THAT is the lesson.  I just wish it would end with this company.   It feels so awful, like they won’t leave us alone, and I know that response is not in proportion to what happened.  Let go, let go.  Let Tim fight his own battles.  He’s a big boy!!   A manly man!!  Let him deal with it.  It has nothing to do with me.  It just hurt to see him hurt.  At the time, he felt so betrayed, and it just seems to continue.

Okay, I’ve written about it.  Can I possibly let it go?  It already has claw marks on it!  I’m giving it to Spirit.  It’s more than I can handle.  I must sound crazy but I don’t care.  Whatever!




Wow, I’ve already written 2 poems today.  I had just showered so I wrote them on the back of Tim’s ‘Accounting Today’ magazine.  I’ll put them up here, I guess.  It’s a little scary.

We went to the Kalospectra event at the A-Loft last night.  Tim even got Barrett to come.  We didn’t stay long.  There were some kids outside doing BMX Bike tricks with a ramp, which was kind of fun to watch.  The DJ was good, but it was too pretty loud.  Tim had never seen the lounge there before and I wanted to show it to him.  The art was interesting.  A lot of testosterone-fueled angst in the art, and some disturbing female imagery in some of it.  But, it’s art, and we all have a dark side that has to be expressed in some manner.  There was some decent photography.  The painting I liked the most was downstairs.   It was of 2 African (I think) women, and it had a sort of Picasso/Dali energy to it.

Very excited about lunch w/ whiz-bang Donna Highfill tomorrow (yes that’s her in the photo on the front page),  then the preview at VMFA.  Sat. I’m having lunch at Kitchen 64 with my friend, Susan, then we are going to this art sale.  In the evening hopefully my friend, Mandy and her precious kids Jackson & Merdith & I are doing the suburban Short Pump Cinema movie and chain restaurant dinner!  They live in the city, so they have to get out to the ‘burbs sometimes! 

Sunday Tim and I are going to the Craft+Design Show at the Science Museum.  I just linked to the Science Museum and they are running what looks a like a very cool film on caves in their IMAX theatre.  Maybe we’ll check that out, too!  And regarding the Craft+Design show, it is a must see.  It’s around this time every year, and it is the nicest show of this type in the Richmond area.  It’s amazing what these artisans create.

Okay, weird to have something going on all weekend, but it will be good for me.  Like I said, I’ve been reading way too much.  I did start The Mustache last night, but I won’t read it obsessively.  I promise myself, it will take… at least 5 days, if not more.  The link is actually to the film that the author made of the book, which I will have to see!

I think I told you I joined Vis Arts when I started my writing class.  It was called The Hand Workshop in the past.  Last night they had a nice reception for new members.  The President of Vis Arts, Jo Kennedy, is a fine person.  She taught art at VCU and Richmond, and she is a poet.  Our hosts, Alex and Kathryn, were very gracious.  I thought the home was interesting, probably because of my interest in 18th and 19th century decorative arts.  It was apparently built in the 18th or early 19th century, and the furniture was period, with period style fabrics and wall coverings.  At that time this would have been a rural area, perhaps part of the old Rio Vista, but that was more Three Chopt/Grove area.

I want to know more about it, because while the front hall and parlor to the right seemed very typical in terms of the period, the room to the left, which is used as the dining room, was very interesting.  Compared to other parts of the house I saw, this room’s architecture was very primitive.  There was an unpainted, primitive chair rail with unpainted paneling beneath.  The unpainted mantel was very large, and nicely carved out of yellow pine, I think.  It was definitely a pine.  The mantel, chair rail and paneling had very old finishes.  There was a nice patina on the mantel and, especially, the wood paneling.   When I looked at the wall panels closely, which didn’t have molding, I noticed their construction from one piece of wood.  I concluded the wood used to make these interior architectural pieces was old growth and probably original to the property. 

I love old houses and old furniture.  I could have spent all day just examining the interior and exterior architecture on that house.  It was dark when I arrived, but it appeared  Georgian in style.  It was old Virginia brick, such a nice color.   Now I’m going to do a little research on Wilton House, because this house reminded me of Wilton House in the Rio Vista area, and a mile or 2 west of this home.  I think what I’d like to study more is art history with an emphasis on architecture.  I love history in terms of geography.  What used to be on this spot where I’m standing?

Met a lot of nice folks, and I’ll probably see some of them at the preview for VMFA members on the 20th.  I urge you to join the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts now and attend this preview.  It is probably the most extensive preview of the galleries before the grand re-opening next May.  Also next weekend the Visual Arts Craft and Design Show is a must go-to event.  It is the best craft show you will see in the Richmond area.  It is more than crafts.  There are true artisans at this show.  Become a patron at Vis Arts and you can attend a preview of the Craft + Design show on Thursday night.  It’s not that expensive, and you receive 2 free tickets to the show preview.

Ok, it’s taken me forever to get through this post.  I am not focused very well today.  I want to go over to Ellen’s blog for my (minimum) daily dose of entertainment and fun convo.   Her blog is  Fired n’ Fabulous!

Arts Events


Let’s see if I can find a picture of someting from the Lewis collection at the Virginia Museum.  Here’s one:  (I’ve actually seen this; it is a life size sculpture.)

Ice Mankikismith 


Kiki Smith (American, 1954- )


79-1/4”H x 29-1/2”W x 11-1/2”D
201.30 cm x 74.93 cm x 29.21 cm

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond. The Sydney and Frances Lewis Endowment Fund, 2004.1
Photo: Katherine Wetzel © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

I’ve been planning to renew my membership to the Virginia Museum, but I thought I’d wait until all the galleries were open again.  I didn’t, because of a wonderful preview for members that is happening 20 November.  Remember my favorite art patrons in Richmond, the Lewises?  I wrote about them here.  The preview on the 20th is of the new gallery with the Lewis collection of contemporary art!  I’m very excited.  If you are a member or decide to join the museum, please join us for this preview.  It is a wonderful collection, and I know there are additions to it since I’ve last seen it.  Remember James Prosek?  I wrote about him here and here.  I know the museum purchased one of his paintings, and I think it will be part of this exhibit. 

Also, did anyone join Visual Arts Center of Richmond?  I did when I signed up for my Creative Spark writing class, so I could get the discount, and I thought I might take more courses there this year.  Sunday afternoon there is a new members reception at the home of one of the board members.  I’m going, and I wondered if anyone reading this is also a new member, and going to the reception?  Let me know if you are and I will look for you there!

I’m very excited about both of these events, especially the preview.  Can’t wait to see the new Sydney and Frances Lewis Gallery, and the fabulous works of art in it, both old and newly acquired.  And then the whole museum is reopening in May!   For a town the size of Richmond, the VMFA is quite impressive.

It’s at a local place called the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.  It used to be called the Hand Workshop.  I took a pottery class there about 20 years ago and loved it.  By the way, they present a top-notch craft show each year in November.  These are talented artisans.  The show never disappoints.

Anyhow here is the class I’m taking.  It is so appropriate for me right now.

The Creative Spark

All Levels
Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes about el duende–“the goblin wind” within us which can breathe our creative spark into creative fire. The ember may be a poem, a story, a confession, a play. It may not even know what it is, or wants to be–but it’s there. So we’ll experiment. The goal of this creative writing class is to fan your ideas and inspirations into flame. We’ll use timed writing, dream journals, guided imagery, Active Imagination, and anything else we can think of to get in touch with the stories you want or need to tell–and those needing or wanting you to tell them. Come with an open mind. Be honest and brave. You will come away from this class not only a better writer, but also a clearer thinker.
Douglas Jones
8 Tuesdays

I think I am going to enjoy this a lot!!